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Age of Goyang - animated series


Age of Goyang is an animated series that takes place in a weird parallel universe called the Goyang Universe. The reptile president, dinosaur apostles, useless superheroes, the mighty Frog army, and rebellious technology, they are all telling their stories of epic battles, quests, invasions, and legends from the amazing Goyang universe.

The Age of Goyang is inspired by the songs of Moon Unit, an experimental metal band from Croatia. The songs from their first LP Differences in language and lifestyle are adapted into cinematic stories full of action, deliberation, and cosmic interconnections that bind all the events and matter into one living being, the Goyang universe. You can listen Moon Unit album on their official Bandcamp site.


The Age of Goyang is currently in the development phase. The script for the first episode (Motorized Frog Squad) is finalized and storyboarded and other episodes are in process of writing. We are also simultaneously working on the animation workflow for developing a unique visual style for the series. In 11 episodes we want to show as many audio-visual styles as we can.

The visual style will be based on digital 2D animation combined with 3D elements. This modern workflow process will be inspired by the visual styles of animated series from various animation eras. The project is developed as a blend of world animation styles such as popular US animation series from the '80s and '90s (TMNT, Masters of the Universe, Mighty Max), Japanese anime (Evangelion, Akira...), classic rubber hose animation, European artistic animation and many more. Soundwise, the series will be made in multiple languages. Each story and character will be set in their unique language to illustrate the vast size and differences in the Goyang universe. Some of the languages in the series will be English, Korean, French, Japanese, Russian, and many more. Business-wise this will help to make the Age of Goyang a unique phenomenon and make it more acceptable to a worldwide audience.


As we are still in the development phase we are primarily looking for investors and financial help for the project. We are also pushing the project towards cryptocurrency investments and finance over NFT sales of original Age of Goyang art. For big investors we are offering spot for executive producers and/or any other personal or company credit.

We are also looking for various artists and creative partners, animators, sound recording and dubbing studios for various languages, and everyone who wants to contribute to the realization of the Age of Goyang.

Help us create and present the Goyang universe to a worldwide audience.



No. of episodes: 11

Episode duration: ≈20 min

Style: 2D and 3D animation

Estimated budget: TBA

Published: 09.02.2022.

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