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50 Years of Film Editing Studies

The Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb has celebrated 50 years of Film editing studies in 2019. We felt overjoyed when they asked us to produce a promo video for the jubilee celebration ceremony. Since two out of three TETRABOTs are alumni, we were happy to start working o the video, seeing it as a great honor but also a challenge.

Editors are a cheerful bunch, always up for a laugh. Perhaps this is part of some kind of a defence mechanism that originated in the abyss of the Academy of Dramatic Art, the dark depths of the film editing students’ basement. Spending years behind the yellow doors, working on editing tables and computers, the film editing students turned into people who value every second of their lives spent outdoors, breathing in fresh air and enjoying the sky above, whether it’s clear and blue or grey and rainy.

Many editors find themselves in other roles within the film industry once they’ve finished their studies. Therefore, we decided to hire only colleagues who studied film editing on this project. Narration, music, sound design, animation... These were all made by people with degrees in film editing.

The promo film is imagined as a journey through 50 years of film editing studies in three technologically and stylistically distinguished eras. The first one is the classic movie era in which the complete editing process was made using film roles. The second one takes place in the eighties, marked by a unique visual style and the rise of television industry alongside film industry. The third one is the digital age of today, in which we are constantly connected wherever we are.

The seriousness of the academic film editing studies was to be intertwined with the real work and frustration of an editor in order to get that bitter-sweet, cynical, but also realistic, view of this truly strange profession. As for the visuals themselves, each era had to be visualized in the style of period-specific technology and design. It meant drawing inspiration from old movie magazines with larger-than-life communist narratives, colourful VHS tape’s worn out retro style and modern visual trends like memes, stock footage and kinetic typography.

For us at TETRABOT this was truly one of our dearest projects to collaborate on with our fellow editors. It’s a precious memory for the end of the decade.


script and concept: Maida Srabović, Vedran Štefan

animation: Vedran Štefan

editing: Maida Srabović

sound design: Frano Homen

original score: Miro Manojlović

voice-over: Srđan Popović

production: Tetrabot, 2019.