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Bacteria in Us - Tubbytown

The bacteriae live all around us. Some are good, some are a bit bad and some are deadly serious and lethal. Exactly because of them, and in co-operation with the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology in Zagreb, we have created this short educational animated movie about biodiversity, the life of bacteria, antibiotics and probiotics. This was supposed to be one in a series of many animated shorts that take a look at health and into the microsphere that lives inside of us.


Voice acting: Ali Youssefi, Miran Kurspahić

Direction and animation: Vedran Štefan

Sound design: Ivan Mihoci

Project manager: Ena Melvan

Tags: aimation, 2D, tubbttown, crijevograd, PBF, cartoon, bacteria, CGI, short animated, movie, antibiotic, probiotic