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for animation and

about us

Tetrabot is a small studio for animation and post-production. It was founded by friends and colleagues from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb after they got tired of working freelance. Thus, the combination of production, animation, editing and sound design created TETRABOT – the studio that playfully, in all colors, sizes and shapes, rides proudly through the media prairie, fights against creative block and black holes devoid of imagination, those that suck in all the color and sound into a big nothing!

We use our superhero powers to create commercial and artistic animations considered world class. We constantly invest in our knowledge, tracking new media trends and styles as well as exploring and creating our own.

When manufacturing our content, we use the most modern technology and machines, such as the CR2000-Rainbow four-cylinder diesel engine with 135W of power. This machine is the winner of the Golden Palette Award in the category of "small and medium color reproduction". The Sonodrill brand sound engine features the most advanced audio and vibration module that can reach an incredible speed of up to 330 meters per nanoseconds. All of this is for you, so you can understand just how much we care for the service that we are providing you.

We also like to pay attention to your comfort. Our office is equipped with the most modern and comfortable sofa and chairs imported from Hungary especially - for the needs of your comfort. Lay back on our just-soft-enough couch and put your feet on our wooden just-creaky-enough chair. With a blanket and cup of hot chocolate, you will enjoy the process of creating the multimedia content you need.

Besides all that, we take care of the environment as well. All of our machines are calibrated and tested for work at the highest of ecological standards. To reduce the negative impact on the environment, we have recently started working with old tools and systems, such as: the brain, pencils, paper and a fake Hello Hello Kitty pencil box from the local market.

Contact us with confidence - we are waiting for you with a smile on your face and creativity in our heart!

Your TETRABOT creative power plant

the services we provide

TETRABOT provides a wide range of services. Our specialties are post-production and animation but we love swimming in the sea of all film and media processes!

Content Production

  • screenwriting and adaptation
  • copywriting
  • content marketing
  • native marketing
  • digital marketing
  • digital production
  • web video production
  • community management


  • storyboarding and prepararion
  • previsualizations
  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • stop-motion
  • puppet films
  • kmixed animation
  • VFX
  • SFX
  • logo animation
  • gif animation


  • sound recording
  • sound editing
  • sound design
  • special sound effects
  • foley
  • music production
  • sound mixing


  • editing
  • color correction
  • finalization
  • format readjustments
  • retouch
  • motion graphics
  • trailer production


Tetrabot d.o.o.

Bohinjska 3
10000 Zagreb

email: info@tetrabot.hr

Janja Pilić

CEO and creative producer

mob: +385 95 51 75 919
email: janja@tetrabot.hr